We are a family run business with a big reputation for quality and friendly service. Having operated from our premises on the outskirts of Cardiff since 1996, we offer a very realistically and affordably priced product which is not only pleasing on the eye but very practical.

We take great pride in giving an ‘old fashioned service’ and we spend a lot of time liaising with our customers and sending mock ups back and forth until they are completely satisfied.
Having had many years experience producing memorials we are very aware of the sensitivity surrounding this very delicate & important subject and the need to get things right.  Although sometimes the time spent  gets disproportional to the costs, we do get a great kick when more often than not customers take the trouble to get back to us to thank us for a great job.
Our huge range includes:

House Signs, House Plaques, House numbers and House Nameplates in Traditional hardwoods, slate marble and brass, together with a huge range of Memorials and Memorial Plaques.

Recent additions to our range include Memorial CrossesEngraved Bench MarkersSandstone MemorialsShaped mounted engraved plaquesPhotos on granitePersonalised JewelleryPortraits on canvas and Vers-a-tiles.
Most products can be customised and personalised to suit every customer and we are happy to discuss your requirements one to one by email or over the phone.


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